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Viper 44 TX

  • Medicine compartement with every claim adaptable module system. All inside bags are held in place by velcroand can removed, replaced or added on.
  • Stowable, anatomic cut shoulder straps.
  • IKS - advanced interchangeable labeling: The front part can be changed individually.
  • 2 sturdy carrying handles: on top and on the side, stableenough to hang the rucksack on the winch.
  • Reflectors on all sides for improved visibility.
  • Corner and edges protection by reinforced, anti slippery material.
  • Innovative removable protection for the zipper, which also serves as protection against abrasion.

Lieferbar: Viper 44 TX fieryred in der Regel a.L

Lieferbar: Viper 44 TX billiantyellow a.A

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Art.Nr. Bezeichnung Volumen Gewicht Maße Farbe Shop
777100 Viper 44 TX fieryred ohne IT 56L 57x40x22cm
777110 Viper 44 TX brilliantyellow ohne IT 56L 57x40x22cm
77710 Viper 44 TX fieryred 8 IT 56L 4600g 61x44x23cm
77711 Viper 44 TX brilliantyellow 8 IT 56L 4600g 61x44x23cm

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