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  • Isolation of a polyester filling, which is quite easy-to-clean     
  • Padded protection for the head.     
  • The part of the feet is extensible, in case of voluminous ski boots.     
  • 10 stable loops for a care taking and balanced transport of the injured person.     
  • Reinforced fabric guarantees non-slipping on slippery ground.     
  • The rescue bag is provided for the use with a standard vacuummattress.     
  • Through the use of large velcro closures, both, slim and small, as well as large and heavy people can be packed. 
  • Though the mountain bag is built very solid, it is so far (26.1.2013) not certificated for free hanging in the rope!

Lieferbar: Thermobergesack in der Regel a.L

Lieferbar: Bergesack light a.A

Thermobergesack rot 17

Kevkarrutschsicherung 500Kopfschutz 500Polyesterfuellung II 500Skischuhoeffnung 500Tragegriff 500


Art.Nr. Bezeichnung Volumen Gewicht Maße Farbe Shop
69408630 Thermobergesack flamered L 3020g ca. 210cm
6940112 Bergesack light flamered 1640g ca. 210cm


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