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Lawinensack 65L

The interior includes:

1 x red bag 74x12x10cm for 50 red flags
1 x yellow bag 74x12x10cm for 50 yellow flags
1 x blue bag 74x10x7cm for 25 blue flags
1 x case 65 x 10 x 6cm for 20 probe extensions
1 x case 52 x 12 x 18cm for 10 probes
1 x clear pocket in size DIN A4 for information material
1 x case 19 x 14 x 9.5cm for a vest for the team leader and a avalanche beacon
1 x Bag 41.5 x 18 x 7cm for marking cords
1 x small pocket 10 x 6cm for reserve - probe peaks (inside the pocket 19 x 14 x 9.5)Enough additional space for 2 avalanche shovels

  • Reflectors for improved visibility and sturdy handle.
  • Little window 16 x 12cm for description.
  • Solid and simple carrying system with padded back.
  • Strong shoulderbelts and 38mm removable hipbelt.
  • Simple and tight rolling closure and a strong, straight running YKK zipper for easy accessibility into the main compartement.

Lieferbar: a.A

Lawinensack 65 17


Art.Nr. Bezeichnung Volumen Gewicht Maße Farbe Shop
69406431 Lawinensack 65L 2040g 77x34x24cm

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