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Padded bags for intubation instruments, tubes and accessories. Available in 3 different sizes, suitable to our rucksacks moduls and compatible with the VKS system. Also available with MFS system, fixed in backpack with magnets.

Lieferbar: a.A

MFS Intubation 17


Art.Nr. Bezeichnung Volumen Gewicht Maße Farbe Shop
6970095 Intubationstasche M 420g 25x15x9,5cm
697025 Intubationstasche L 560g 32x17x9,5cm
698025 Intubationstasche L MFS 760g 32x17x9,5cm
697015 Intubationstasche XL 700g 38,5x17x9,5cm
698015 Intubationstasche XL MFS 950 38,5x17x9,5cm
6970123 Laryngoskoptasche 80g 16x4x8cm
6970353 Tubentasche 100g 33x14x7cm

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