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Docsnake 48 MX

  • Medicine compartement with every claim adaptable module system. All inside bags are held in place by velcroand can removed, replaced or added on.
  • Safety compartement for alpine safety equipement suchas avalanche shovel, probe and biwisac.
  • Separately privat compartement for personal gear or additional medical gear, such as the crashproofbox to keepmedical material sterile for a longer time.
  • RMB - Rocksnake Molded Back - carrying system.
  • Removable light hipbelt 38mm.
  • Anatomic cut shoulder straps with chest strap inclusiveemergency whistle.
  • IKS - advanced interchangeable labeling: The front part can be changed individually.
  • 2 sturdy carrying handles: on top and on the side, stableenough to hang the rucksack on the winch.
  • Reflectors on all sides for improved visibility.
  • Small, integrated bottom compartement for optional removable front net for further equipment or a helmet or a defibrillator and a optional raincover.

Lieferbar: Docsnake 48 MX flamered in der Regel a.L

Lieferbar: Docsnake 48 MX citrusyellow,signalorange, a.A

Docsnake 48 MX, FX gelb 17


Art.Nr. Bezeichnung Volumen Gewicht Maße Farbe Shop
775500 Docsnake 48 MX flamered ohne IT 62L 57x35x29cm
775510 Docsnake 48 MX citrusyellow ohne IT 62L 57x35x29cm
775520 Docsnake 48 MX signalorange ohne IT 62L 57x35x29cm
77550 Docsnake 48 MX flamered 7 IT 62L 2971g 58x37x38cm
77551 Docsnake 48 MX citrusyellow 7 IT 62L 2971g 58x37x38cm
77552 Docsnake 48 MX signalorange 7 IT 62L 2971g 58x37x38cm


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