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Your competent partner in emergency medicine, in the mountain rescue and the air ambulance. Innovative, forward-looking, from practice to practice concepts and systems developed for rescue operations.

But also the best resource in the mountain, where we draw on the knowledge and experience of absolute professionals like Hans Kammerlander. This allows us to develop products of superior quality and excellent functionality.

Our products are manufactured in Europe, made ​​from European materials. This is our lasting and valuable contribution to the ecological balance of our world.

Einblick in unsere Produkte

Name Produktbild Kurzbeschreibung
Docsnake 48 TCX Docsnake 48 TCX rot 17

Der DOCSNAKE 48 ist nicht nur ein Rucksack, sondern ein extrem flexibles Rettungssystem für den professionellen Notfall Einsatz. Das Modell TCX kann besonders leicht gereinigt und desinfiziert werden.